Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poor Jonathan hates middle school. Told him most of the people on this planet hated middle school and high school is usually a lot better. And the things that make you cool in middle school aren't really that great. Told him that kids in middle school are dorky, mean, awkward, & stupid. Told him that any kids that make fun of his art are probably jealous. And he's a fabulous artist even if they call him names. Told him he's lucky to have two really good friends cause that's more than I had. And he's lucky no one's trying to beat him up every day like they did his dad. Finally told him that he'd have better luck making friends with girls cause they'll like him more. Have avoided telling him that til now cause I know how much they'll like him. But he's almost 13, so it's time, I think. Plus there's only six weeks left til summer & he'll be done with 7th grade forever. Thank heavens! Oh the joys of middle school! :)

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