Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Myself and I

I need a friend I said. There's no one to talk to. No one understands. It's impossible to explain. Impossible to be understood. I've tried. Who can be my friend?

I'll be your friend, I said. It's been a long, hard road. You & I are the only ones who know how it feels. We should be friends. When did we stop being friends? When life taught us not to believe in ourselves? Probably.

We should be friends. There's no better company on this road we're on. This isn't going to be easy. We have to stick together to make it through this. There's no other way. We have to be friends. Be my friend please. I need you. Say my name when I forget what it sounds like. Tell me it will be all right when no one else will. Tell me you love me & really mean it, because you love me no matter what I've done or how I look or how I feel today. We can have a love that doesn't end That never changes, only grows stronger with time. If only we remember that we love each other.

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