Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopefully this isn't too annoying. But just have to say that my boys are some of the best little guys on the planet. :) I can't take much credit for that. Kids are like bushes or trees. You try to plant them where they'll grow best & water them and prune them every long once in a while & the rest is up to them. I really feel like my kids were already amazing little people when they were born. I just try to give them what they need, help them avoid getting into trouble, and they show me who they are. I am far from a perfect parent. They're just the best little guys. :) Little guys includes Robert who's still little even though he's huge. ;) He's higher maintenance. But mainly it's just a matter of me learning to be patient & tolerant enough of him & his quirks. Oh, and having the right doctors & teachers. ;)

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