Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whad am I sposed to be learning here?? Patience. Definitely patience. Don't have enough of that. Faith in the Lord and in other people. More self control. Yep, need more of that. I need to be wiser about the things I say & do. I need a long term goal. What should it be?

Okay, I think it should be to make the next four months til my birthday as good as possible for myself and my family. Kind of the mentality I have during the summer. Wishing the same for everyone I love. I'm going to keep writing. And I'm gonna learn to play the cello. And I'm gonna become a runner. Who knows, maybe I'll even run outside! LOL! We'll see. ;) And I will thoroughly enjoy spending time with my husband & kids. And when my birthday comes, I'll make new goals and see how far I've gotten. It'll be interesting to see what I'm writing about in June. Figure it'll probably morph some. And since I can barely do anything on the cello, any improvement will be great. But I'm hoping to actually be able to play some songs decently. Right now I can jog for 40 min with 4 one minute breaks. But it's barely jogging. Or as Becca puts it, speed walking. It's slightly faster than that, but just barely. So you think I can jog a little faster for an hour by June? I think that's possible! Okay, so those are my goals. With the Lord's help that's what I'll be doing for the next 4 months. :)

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