Sunday, February 19, 2012

Was waiting at the church in the room for the toddlers cause no one was in there. A little 4 yr old guy with red curly hair came waltzing in to play. First he threw a toy on top of a tall cabinet. Then he took the blanket off the floor & hauled it to another room, knocking over a trash can. Then he didn't go with his mom when she told him to.  And she left him here. He climbed on the table and pulled something down off the wall, and threw it on the floor & drew on the chalkboard with a pencil. Told me that when he grows up,he's gonna say "s" words. And then of course, climbed on & jumped off the table multiple times.  Little handful!  Had to take the pencil & told him to be careful jumping off the table that's nearly as tall as he is. Where is this kid's mother? Did she leave him here for me to watch? Good grief!  Now he's jumping from the top of a stack of chairs onto a table. There's normal active boy & then there's being naughty. ;) He tried to pull the chalkboard off the wall, but that didn't work. LOL!  Had to hide the bag of candy someone left here that he was trying to open.  He just tried to tackle a 5 yr old girl. Thought I might have to help her. Nope! She took him down! Good for her. ;)

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