Friday, January 27, 2012

Beautiful Song

This song was playing in my head this morning. Had to look it up. Couldn't find the music. But these are the lyrics.

The Power of God

Listen to the wind blow,
Lonely as a sigh.
Nothing overhead but empty sky.
Look up at starlight
On a dark night;
Are we all alone,
An island in space?
Or is there a plan
Where I have a place?

Could it be that heaven
Is man's imagining,
Reaching out for hope in childish dreams?
Stories so old then,
We've outgrown them?
Has God gone away
Or hidden His face?
Have miracles ceased to be?

But the power of God is plain to see,
There are wonders on every hand
To those who will see through eyes of faith,
Beyond the mind of man.

For how could we hope
To see His face,
Who never could see His hand?

Some may see a rainbow
As nothing more than light.
Others see a promise and a sign.
Everyday wonders without number
Are here all around
And wait to be found
By those who have eyes to see.

CHORUS (repeat)
Listen to the wind blow,
Then listen once again.

By Steven Kapp Perry

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