Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little One

Tiny hands that hold so tight.
Tiny eyes that follow the light.
Little one, you've come so far,
To be with me. Welcome to my world.

Into my world came little boys,
Came little hands and little faces.
Into my world came bigger things,
In little eyes and little faces.

Little tiny one, little tiny man, with the little tiny hands, and the tiniest of eyes.
You smile when you sleep, what are you dreaming of. Who will you be someday?

The sun goes down but the baby doesn't,
The mama's tired but the baby isn't!
You sleep all day so we can stay up all night. Momma's tired and looks like a fright. Please sleep, little one. Please dream, little one.
That's what nighttime is for.

Cranky old mom, crawls out of bed. The baby's hungry and wants to be fed. Good thing I love you, good thing your cute. Good thing your smile's so bright. Maybe mom will live another day.

Little ones, you're so much fun to be with.

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