Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jonathan's Poem

Jonathan wrote this for his class. Liked it so much I decided to post it here. :) So proud of him.

“Where I’m from”
I’m from Georgia, a place with too many trees,
And the occasional tornado, but I never had to flee.
In Georgia, you hardly need a jacket,
However in Utah you, always need to hack it.
In Georgia there are so many plants to give you a show,
And in Utah you can almost always admire the glimmering snow.

I’m from a large family, spread all across the country,
And our family always had trouble taking down the Christmas
In family reunions we always heard laughter,
And we’d all go fishing, just acting like slackers.
Without my family, I don’t know where I would be,
Too bad I have three brothers, but no sign of a she.

I’m from lots of artists, both my grandpa’s loved art,
I remember always going to the grocery store, and I would
sit in the cart.
I remember hating seafood; I thought it was so lame,
However I preferred sitting down with my brother’s,
playing video games.

I’m from lots of confusion, lost hope, and pain,
As hard as it was, the answer was so plain.
My parents were the ones to look for, when I was full of
pain and sorrow,
And if I take advice from them, I’ll always know the
right path to follow.
Sometimes I feel listening to my parents gives me the
right future,
And if I obey them it will take out all of life’s pressure.

I’m from the life given to you in this simple poetry,
And it’s just as fragile as ancient pottery.
As much of a lesson this should seem,
It’s just my life, just like the suns gentle beams.
As I explain these things, we must sadly part,
I hope this explains my life, but this might only be the

He says the confusion, lost hope and pain are just life in general and not a particular problem. I hope so. It is hard to be in middle school though.

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