Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling much better today. Been thinking about things. Everyone one needs love & acceptance. I know, however, from experience that no one can fill all my needs, even if they want to. Only Heavenly Father can fulfill all of my needs & wants. I realized after I wrote the last post that I don't feel loved or lovable if I don't feel like I'm doing really well or nearly perfectly. I can see other people's challenges & understand & love them. But I'm not at all good about it for myself. Working on that. I can see how much Heavenly Father loves other people no matter what their challenges. But if I mess up in any way, I feel like He doesn't love me until I'm doing great again, which is very false. If that were true, He couldn't love any of us ever. So I'm trying to have faith that I am always loved even when I mess up. I'm also trying to have more faith in other people's ability to love me despite my imperfections. I'm also trying to tell myself that love from others isn't always obvious. Just because they haven't shown it lately doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And I also need to be more patient with myself and others. :) Things usually work out if I'm patient. Right? Right! ;)

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