Thursday, January 26, 2012

On That Christmas Night

On that Christmas night so long ago
all of creation was holding it's breath
All things were watching a little stable
Waiting to hear a baby cry.

The angels were anxious to sing their song
The star was shining with all of it's might
The birds were waiting their turn to sing.
And the shepherds were quietly watching their sheep

And then the Light was born into the world!
All of creation must have silently shouted!
Angels began singing for terrified shepherds
And starlight was shining down from the sky

Only wise men knew why the star was shining
Only they knew why creation wanted to sing
They started their travels that glorious night
With gifts for the King He would someday be.

This glorious Child was born in a stable
The animals must have felt something there
The Light began shining into the world
And the world could finally sleep in peace.

Merry Christmas!!!

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