Thursday, February 9, 2012

And now I'm very 'ungry! ;) Must hunt down some food. So, the extremely good news for today. My sister Juliene had her baby, Amanda, today! So happy for her! She's a great mommy. And Miss Becca is finally out on the road driving with her trainer. She passed truck driving school with flying colors, of course. ;) And now in her extra tall boots so she can reach the pedals, she's taking on the world in a semi truck. Look out world!! ;) She's one tough cookie. She's successfully navigating a mostly male profession. I was gonna say her height but I can't remember how many inches over 4 ft she is. I can hear her now, giggling and saying, "You don't remember how tall I am, Paprika! I've told you at least 5 times!!" LOL!! Nope!! Numbers don't have personalities. If they did, I'd remember them! ;) Anyhow! She already knocked down one driver who was stupid enough to pinch her butt. And she slapped another one who got too pervy. ;) I think she'll be all right. In fact, she's loving it. :)

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